Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Cake Slice - Part 2

Back in August, I made a little felt birthday cake slice for one of my English students. Another student (the Leo's friend) turned 9 a few weeks ago, and the Leo's sister turned 7 last week. A few cake slices were due - today will be the 9-year old's. (A bit of a disclaimer: I was really rushed making this and forgot to take many photos - including one of the finished product. What a nerd.)

I forgot the size of the original slice and couldn't be bothered to go look for it, so I just made a new one. I had brown and pink felt, so chocolate cake with pink frosting it was!

I started by cutting out all of my cake and frosting pieces.

I sewed the long, skinny pink rectangles to the big brown rectangles to make a layered cake.

Next I sewed these side pieces to the bottom triangle. Then I sewed on the pink back and the top pink triangle. Finally I stuffed the cake and sewed it shut in the front.

Next I made the pink frosting detail for the edge of the cake. I started with a rectangle, sewed the short edge shut with a lot of little stitches along the edge and then pulled tight to shut it. Then I sewed the long edges shut a bit and sewed a few stitches along the short edge again. Next I added a bit of filling and pulled the thread so it closed off that section. I continued this a few times until the frosting detail was the length of the outside of the cake, and then fastened off. (That really sounds way more complicated than it was.)

I sewed that on to the edge of the cake and hot-glued a candle together, then added a bit of Velcro to both the cake and the bottom of the candle.

Finally I gave the cake and candle to a very happy 9-year old.

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