Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Cake Slice

I've posted before about the little girls I teach English to, and their love for felt foods. Usually they "buy" foods I've made with points from the lesson, but birthdays are a separate deal. The girls are young, so birthdays are still exciting for them. As a result, I thought it'd be nice to make something special for the first birthday girl of the year.

This little slice of birthday cake was quite simple to do.

I started with a long rectangle for the cake and a triangle for the cake bottom, a smaller rectangle for the frosted back of the cake and a triangle for the top, and finally two thin rectangles (it really should have been one, but I didn't have a long enough pink scrap) for the frosting in between the layers.

First I sewed the frosting rectangle to the middle of the cake rectangle.

Then I sewed the triangle bottom of the cake to the main piece. It was at this point that I realized that cakes usually aren't perfect rectangles, so I curved the short end a bit. This was a tad difficult to do after it was sewn on, I recommend cutting it this way from the start. This is what the top looked like post cut/pre-sew.

Then I sewed on the frosting rectangle and then sewed on the top, stuffing it before sewing it completely shut.

It's fine, but kind of boring. Birthday cakes need candles!

I cheated on this and didn't actually sew, just hot glued it together.

I also added a circle of Velcro to the bottom of the candle and top of the cake.

It was looking better, but it was still missing something. White frosting details could do the trick!

I cut a rectangle, sewed the end shut, and then started sewing down the long edge. Once I got about a fingertip from the edge, I stuffed it a bit and then sewed that section closed.

I did it two more times, until it got to be the same length as the edge of the cake. Then I sewed it onto the cake and done! A birthday cake slice is ready for the birthday girl -- she comes tomorrow, I hope she likes it!

Now I have to make two more for my other cuties!!

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